Thank you for visiting the website of the International Mining for Development Centre (IM4DC). IM4DC ceased activities on 30 June 2015 at the end of its grant agreement with the Australian Government. This website will remain live for at least five years to provide access to information about the work of IM4DC, its delivery partners and its Alumni. Final reports on IM4DC activity will be posted in September 2015.

Further information on capacity-building in minerals and energy governance can be found on the websites of Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Sustainable Minerals Institute and Energy and Minerals Institute

IM4DC supports developing nations

The International Mining for Development Centre (IM4DC) supports developing nations to transform their extractive resource endowments into inclusive and sustainable economic and social development.

It achieves this by building capacity in mining governance through education and training, fellowships, institutional partnerships, action research, advice to governments and its global community of practice.

The benefits of the work of IM4DC for developing nations are realised principally through increased skill levels of key personnel within government, universities, research institutions and civil society organisations, and greater institutional capacity.

Improved capacity enables countries to reform policies, regulation and processes, and improve oversight of all phases of the mining lifecycle. By adopting leading practice approaches to mining governance and sustainability, nations are better able to attract responsible investment, achieve broad-based and equitable returns and enhance the interests of communities and the environment.

IM4DC is a joint venture of The University of Western Australia and The University of Queensland in partnership with the Australian Government through an Australian Aid initiative.

IM4DC is a prime example of Australia’s economic diplomacy strategy in action. IM4DC’s activities work across all four pillars of economic diplomacy – liberalising trade, boosting economic growth, encouraging investment and developing business. IM4DC’s work also aligns closely with the strategic framework for Australia’s aid program and its objective to drive economic growth in developing nations and create pathways out of poverty.

Download the IM4DC highlights 2011-2014 report here


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