Alumni return-to-work plans reflect diversity of governance priorities

As part of each of IM4DC’s short courses, participants are required to prepare a return-to-work plan and present them to course faculty and peers. Through the Alumni Management Program, each alumnus is followed up at six weeks and six months following the course. This process enables IM4DC to evaluate the effectiveness of learning and implementation and also provides incentive for alumni to implement their plans.

The diversity of topics addressed by return to work plans reflects the diversity of participants, their responsibilities and interests, and their organisations. A graphic illustration of this diversity is in the topics of return-to-work plans from the just-completed four week Minerals Policy and Economics Short Course. Following is a selection of topics:

  • The relevance of local content in Ghana’s mining policy
  • Reviewing the content and structure of modules to equip students with in-depth knowledge on issues within the resources sector
  • An assessment of the contribution of EITI on policy impact in the mining sector in Ghana
  • Developing a revenue reporting template for Nigeria’s solid minerals
  • Establishing women gold small scale miners service centres
  • Encouraging artisanal gold miners to work in synergy in order to realise shared benefits and improve on financial gains
  • The collation and updating of geological information to produce a Fiji mineral prospectus and also provide data for policy reviews
  • Are mining agreements workable in Papua New Guinea?
  • Building bridges and tearing down walls: Fostering engagement and collaboration for responsible mining through stakeholder forum and road mapping
  • Improve mining revenue in Uruguay
  • Roadmap and strategy of copper processing and refining policy in Indonesia
  • Validation of resource/reserve in coal mining
  • Raising awareness of human rights principles on mining development
  • Small scale mining issues on mineral policy and mineral law of Mongolia
  • Corporate law in OECD mining sector – improving legal frameworks of a state-owned company based on the OECD countries’ practice
  • Decentralization and mining taxation in Myanmar.