Geotechnical and environmental management of large volume waste

Effective management of large volume waste from mining is a key issue for African nations that are rich in minerals and coal.

During November, representatives of governments, civil society organisations, academic institutions and industry from East Africa will participate in a short course focusing on geotechnical and environmental management of large volume waste.

To be held in Kitwe, Zambia, in collaboration with Copperbelt University, the short course will include lectures, workshop and field visits to mine sites.

The program will provide participants with:

  • Understanding of the design, management and monitoring principles for large volume waste facilities associated with mining operations across the full life cycle of the mine
  • Understanding of the principles of environmental management and rehabilitation of large volume waste
  • Opportunities to explore different practical approaches to managing large volume waste facilities
  • Opportunities to build ongoing relationships and support networks.

Core topics will include:

  • Mining practices and solid waste production
  • Mining waste placement and containment structures
  • Risk prevention and management
  • Monitoring and regulatory requirements
  • Environmental management
  • Rehabilitation of waste facilities.