IM4DC has three broad thematic focus’ supported by six strategic program areas applied to support targeting and prioritising of the Centre’s strengths against development needs.


Governance and regulation

Improved governance and accountability through effective and transparent regulation and management of extractive industries.

Community and environmental sustainability

Strengthened economic, social and environmental outcomes from mining in developing countries through education and training, institutional strengthening, and capacity building.

Operational effectiveness

Implementation of policies and processes that ensure that resources developments result in substantial, inclusive and sustainable development.

Strategic Program Areas

Regional and local economic and social development

Outcome: Alignment of project economic activity with broader societal development objectives.

Through processes such as: regional planning and infrastructure development; local content and enterprise development; control of small-scale and artisanal mining.

Sub-national governance of the mining sector

Outcome: Enhancement of governance capacity at local and regional levels involving multiple stakeholders.

Focused on: local accountability; understanding and monitoring of mining operations; capacity to manage agreement negotiation and implementation processes.

Minerals policy, regulation and agreements

Outcome: Development of well-designed policy and regulatory frameworks.

That establish platforms for: management of geoscience data and exploration; negotiation of project agreements and approvals; tax regimes and revenue management.

Community engagement and consultation

Outcome: Improvements in the processes used by industry and government stakeholders to engage with local communities.

To ensure: understanding and communication of impacts at the local level; fair and effective community agreements processes; open and transparent engagement with Indigenous communities.

Health and safety of workforces and resources communities

Outcome: Implementation of appropriate regulatory and management approaches for occupational health and safety in the resources sector.

Including: regulatory frameworks for OHS built on modern risk management principles; community health and resource projects; operational aspects of managing and monitoring safety practices.

Environmental management and regulation

Outcome: Improvements in the capacity of all stakeholders to understand and manage the environmental aspects of resource projects.

Including: effective and inclusive environmental impact assessment processes; integration of land and water management; mined land rehabilitation practices; operational environmental management and monitoring.