IM4DC review finds program is of high quality and value

A review of the International Mining for Development Centre (IM4DC), commissioned by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), has found that IM4DC is delivering a program of high quality and value for money.

The report of the Mid-Term Review of IM4DC is available here

The review assessed that IM4DC is highly relevant to the Government’s Economic Diplomacy Agenda.

It found that there was strong support for this type of activity-based integrated program from key stakeholder groups in Australia and developing countries and regions where IM4DC is active.

The Mid-Term Review report includes a number of recommendations for the final year of the current Grant Agreement, which are in summary:

  • The program should continue for its final year and build on the momentum established
  • IM4DC activities should be increasingly targeted to support the Australian Government’s economic diplomacy agenda
  • The Australian mining industry and other stakeholders should be brought into the program more closely
  • More competition should be introduced to the selection of expertise for IM4DC activities
  • IM4DC should continue activities in Africa and Latin America even if the bilateral and regional aid programs to these regions have been reduced
  • IM4DC and DFAT should agree on a more rigorous set of expectations in relation to gender and mining.

IM4DC is implementing all of these recommendations in consultation with DFAT.